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XC Bail Bonds

Jeff Downer  A XC bond is a type of split bond utilized by the Marion County Indiana Superior Court system.  The XC bond is a hybrid composed of two distinct bail bond types:  surety and cash.

The surety portion of the XC bond is posted by a bail bondsman.  The bondsman charges 10% of the amount of the surety bond set by the court.  The cash bond portion posted is the entire amount as set by the court.

The nomenclature used in specifying how much a XC bond is confusing at best.  For example let’s look at a $11000 XC bond set by the court.  Most of of us would think the bond amount is $11,000 and the cost of posting the bond is $1,100.  We would be wrong.  What the court has ordered is a split bond of $1,000 cash and $10,000 surety (requiring a$1,000 payment to a bail bondsman) making the total cost $2,000.

The cash bond portion of the XC bond may be posted by anyone and must be paid tandem with the surety bond portion.

Even if the defendant attends all court appearances, The Marion County Superior courts usually retain all or a part of the cash bond for costs and/or fees related to the case.  Any remaining part of the cash bond deposit may then be refunded.   The premium paid to the bail bondsman, by law, may not refunded.

Both portions of the XC bond must be posted together at the same time and location, usually at the Arrestee Processing Center (APC).

As always if you have any questions please contact us.  Find below a map showing the location of the APC and the ability to produce printable directions.  Simply click on the red marker and input you starting location for the directions.


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