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How Can A Bail Bond Be Revoked?

Jeff Downer  There are occasions when a bail bondsman is asked to revoke someone’s bail.  Well, a bondsman can’t.  Only the court can revoke a bail bond release.

That does not mean a bondsman cannot return the defendant to court and ask  the defendant be placed back into custody.  However, the court is only going to consider particular reasons for revoking a defendant’s bail.  These reasons are concerned with issues like attempting to flee, public safety and violations of pretrial release conditions imposed by court.

Perhaps the the best example of showing cause for bail revocation is an occasion when we received information that a defendant was preparing to flee and could be found at a local U Haul location renting a moving truck.  We apprehended the defendant at the U Haul and petitioned the court to revoke the bond.  The court took one look at the U Haul paperwork and revoked bail.

Requests to return the defendant to custody because the defendant failed to reimburse those who paid the bail bond, a personal relationship has ended or any other reasons not directly related to the defendant’s case are not going to be considered by the court.

If a person is considering bonding someone out, it should be understood that the defendant’s obligations while out on bond are to the court by appearing as ordered and following all other rules the court has put in place and not to the person who paid the bond.


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