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Bail Bonds Around the World

Jeff Downer  When I meet new people and they discover that I am a bail bondsman they often want to talk about some preconceived ideas they have about the bail bonds.  One such idea is that bail bonds are unique to the American criminal justice system.

Actually, the use of bail is employed around the world.  While in the United States the use of bail is credited to the American legal system being based in English legal tradition, the concept of bail can be found as far back as biblical and Roman historical accounts.  Given such a broad historical background it is not surprising that release on bail is common practice through out the world.

For those accustomed to the tenets of American legal system, running across accounts of bail being granted in other countries can be a jolting experience.  While defendants are receiving bail for familiar offenses involving violence and property, bail being granted for religious and freedom of speech based crimes can often be found as well.

Included here are some news accounts of bail being granted in various countries: India, Egypt, Nigeria, New Zealand, Burma (a.k.a. Myanmar) and Pakistan.



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