Bail Bond FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds


What is bail?
Bail is a mechanism of the criminal justice system that permits a person charged with a criminal offense to be released from custody pending trial or case resolution.  Bail can consist of money, real property or a surety bond  posted on behalf of a defendant to insure their appearance in court as required.  The right to reasonable bail is established by the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution.


What is a bail bond?
A bail bond is a financial guarantee made on behalf of a someone charged with a criminal offense to insure their appearance in court for all required court appearances once released from custody.  If for any reason the defendant does not appear in court,  the  person or agency having made the financial  guarantee (known as the surety) is expected to produce either the defendant or pay the amount of the bond.


How long is a bail bond valid?
A bond is valid until the case is disposed of by the court or three years (in the state of Indiana).


How long does it take for someone to be released from jail?
The paperwork generally takes 30 minutes (usually less) to complete. The release time varies  greatly depending upon the jurisdiction and facility the defendant is being held.  Once the bail bond is posted  the release can take from several minutes to several hours.


If I bail someone out of jail,  how am I responsible?
A person who uses the services of a bail bond agent to secure a defendant’s release from custody is called an indemnitor. The indemnitor is taking full financial responsibility that the defendant will appear in court as required. Commonly, legitimate issues with court appearances may be readily resolved as long as all parties involved maintain open lines of communication.


How does one pay for a surety bail bond?
In Indiana by law, the cost of posting a surety bail bond through a licensed bail bondsman is 10% of the bond amount set by the court.  No more, no less.  Payment may be made by cash, debit card or credit card.  Checks may be considered.


How is the bail bond industry regulated in Indiana?

The bail bonding industry in Indiana is regulated by the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) through its Bail Bond Division.  The IDOI oversees the the licensing requirements of all surety companies, bail agents and recovery agent.  The Bail Bond Division may be contacted by phone at 317.232.5249.


Have more questions?
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