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Humorous incidents and awkward moments.

Robbery 101

Police chase  Jeff Downer There are certain immutable laws of the universe: gravity, thermodynamics and leaving the getaway car running.

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Jeff Downer Bail Bonds Is Going Racing

Jeff Downer Bail Bonds sponsored race bike Jeff Downer  Jeff Downer Bail Bonds is announcing an association with the Angel and the Preacher Racing Team.  The team is an ill advised new venture into motorcycle drag racing by  Angel and the Preacher, local  Indianapolis musicians best known for their great music and poor decision making skills.


While I usually don’t acknowledge knowing Preacher (let alone admit to being friends with him), I have agreed to to accept Preacher’s kind offer to be included in their racing efforts called RockaTrain Racing.  I cannot fully explain this other than my love of fast things and yet another instance of bad judgement.

Team updates will be forthcoming and include competition results and pictures.

P.S. Drop Preacher a line and suggest that racing the bikes in a Speedo probably would not be in his best interests.  Thanks.

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Scout Willis: Keeping America Safe

Jeff Downer  Scout Willis, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s teenage daughter, recently was arrested in New York City for underage drinking after quaffing a Pakistani beer in a public place.


They brew beer in Pakistan?  For God’s sake don’t tell the Taliban!  They frown on alcohol.  As Americans we should be reaching out to Pakistani beer drinkers and breweries.

So why is NYC prosecuting Scout and making her post a bail bond?  They ought to instead give Scout a medal for opposing terrorism through conspicuous consumption..  Yippee-ki-yay mother….burrrp!

Thanks Scout.  You go girl.

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