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Humorous incidents and awkward moments.

What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?

Jeff Downer   Remember this old sea shanty tune?

What shall we do with a drunken sailor,

What shall we do with a drunken sailor,

What shall we do with a drunken sailor,

Early in the morning?

That was the question being asked when Laguna Beach, CA police arrested an unidentified man for boating under the influence after his sailboat ran aground.

The  answer of course:

Haul him away to post bail with the jailer,

Haul him away to post bail with the jailer,

Haul him away to post bail with the jailer,

Early in the morning.

Although the inebriated sailor was not named, word on the street says it was either Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry.

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Well…This is Something New.

Jeff Downer  As I get older and more jaded, I am sometimes lulled into thinking that I have heard it all when it comes to bail bonds.  Then I come across something like this.


Former Kampala socialite and jailbird Bad Black aka Shanita Namuyimbwa has successfully had her breast implants fixed after she secured a sh100m bail to seek treatment in Dubai.

Once again, I stand corrected.  All I got to say is: Dubai or bust.

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Magic Kingdom Mischief

Jeff Downer   Just ran across this account of a (thankfully) minor traffic incident involving an undercover police officer and a Disneyland employee in Anaheim, CA.  It seems that local law enforcement was conducting an undercover operation at the intersection of Disneyland Drive at Magic Way.

What could have instigated an law enforcement investigation at that location?  Mickey pimping Minnie?  Snow White selling blow?  Mouseketeers wearing gang colors?

I can only imagine Deputy Donald Duck reading them their rights.

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Ex Congressional Candidate Was A Fugitive

Jeff Downer  Gary Smith, one time candidate for the US House of Representatives in New Mexico, has been in the news recently for being arrested and charged with stalking and vandalizing the property of a former opponent.

Formerly a Texas resident, Mr. Smith claimed he had relocated to New Mexico in order spread his political vision.  Apparently there was a little more to it than that.  It turns out Mr. Smith also was facing warrants for aggravated assault and mischief charges in El Paso, TX as related here.

There is a lesson to be learned here.  Perhaps we should consider requiring all congressional and senatorial candidates to undergo criminal background checks.

It would make good television.  Much better than those so called “Bounty Hunter” shows.  Have “Dog” Chapman do the background checks and then sit down with folks like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to go over their results.  Call it something catchy like: Face the Dog or Dog: CST (Congressional Skip Tracer).  Then air the show on C-SPAN to liven them up.

Now that’s something I would watch.


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Jennifer Lopez and Al Roker Bounty Hunter Lawsuit

Jeff Downer

Say what?  Per

Jennifer Lopez and Al Roker should think twice before sending their ruthless bounty hunter after an innocent man … and falsely accusing him of being a criminal on national TV — so says a new lawsuit.

Yes,  J Lo and Al are producing a bounty hunting show together.  No, I did not see that coming.

I am not a fan of over the top melodramatic “reality” television shows about bail bonding and fugitive recovery.  Aside from avoiding all that needless made for TV drama, we value our client’s privacy too much to engage in such unprofessional activities like this.

Rest assured Jeff Downer Bail Bonds will not be airing our business or yours on TV.  Not even for the beguiling Jennifer Lopez.  As for you Al…stay out of our neck of the woods.

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Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

Jeff Downer  A New Hampshire woman was arrested four times in a 26 hour period for playing AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” at full volume.  Who kept bonding her out – Malcolm and Angus Young?

I’m thinking maybe “Jail Break” would’ve been more appropriate.  Anyway,  “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)”.  Somebody make me stop.  Please.    Find the details in this NBC News.

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RockaTrain Racing Makes Competition Debut


Jeff Downer Bail Bonds Sponsored  Race Bike

Call Jeff for fast service.

Jeff Downer   RockaTrain Racing (sponsored by Jeff Downer Bail Bonds) made their initial venture into motorcycle drag racing with a promising debut.  The initial plunge took place at the Bunker Hill drag strip.

Here is team principle James Compton’s (aka Preacher) description of the evening’s events:  “It was pretty cool. We went up there to get some track time and ended up makin’ it out of qualifying and to the quarter finals. That bike is old school considering we were runnin’ against fuel injected nitro Busas. We got a few of them that night. Our rider was shiftin’ gears too due to our air shifter not workin’ quite right and we don’t have the nitro on it yet either. Ended up with a 6.22 in the eighth mile at the end of the night.”.

Our hats off the RockaTrain guys and gals.   It’s been a lot of fun being involved.  Stay tuned for updates on RockaTrain Racing’s further adventures.

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Jeff Downer Bail Bonds Sponsored Event on

Jeff Downer  Indianapolis based music group Angel and the Preacher recently held a motorcycle and calender girl photo shoot function.  Jeff Downer Bail Bonds was proud to be the featured sponsor.  The event was held at Bert and Den’s and was featured on the website.  Check out all the fun here in this video.

Jeff Downer Bail Bonds sponsored event

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Oops! My Bad

Call 911 imageI said call the “Bong Squad”, not the “Bomb Squad”.

Orange County Register News bomb scare article:  Read Here

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Some Humor from the Indianapolis Star

Jeff Downer  A little local drought humor from Indianapolis Star cartoonist Gary Varvel.


Indianapolis Star cartoon by Gary Varvel

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