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Oh Boy! More Bail Bond Related Reality TV News

Jeff Downer  One of my daily routines is to search Google for news items regarding bail and its role in the criminal justice system.  While searching for items of interest I discovered that the concept of bail in reality television is making headlines once more.

It seems that Real Housewives  of New Jersey cast members Teresa and Joe Giudice had been arrested on fraud and tax charges and had been released on $500,000 bail bonds apiece.  The story was being reported by several news sources including: UPI, US Weekly, the Los Angeles Times and of course Perez Hilton (Note to the Google search team – this is not what I am looking for when I use the search term “bail bonds”.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.).

Being weak minded, seeing all these articles immediately made me put on my reality television producer hat and start brainstorming about a blockbuster crossover reality TV extravaganza in which the Giudices go on  the lam.  Of course  Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth track them down in a must see TV event that would make me proud to be an American.  The actual take down occurs at a mall where coincidently Beth encounters Teresa while shopping at a Macy’s cosmetics counter while simultaneously Dog bumps into Joe at the Sunglass Hut.

Another thing, these articles use the the term reality TV “stars”.  If these show depict real life then how come I don’t feel like a star too?  Do you feel like a star?  I know I’m certainly not treated like one.  Oh well, if you catch me wearing nothing but a leather vest and sporting hair braids please shoot me.

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An English Lesson About Bail Bonds

Jeff Downer   Per the Oxford Dictionaries: skate (v)

  (skate through) make quick and easy progress through:he admits he had expected to skate through the system


Jeff Downer Bail Bonds - Everybody Skates

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Jeff Downer Bail Bonds RockaTrain Racing Midseason Report

Jeff Downer  Last year I was flim flammed into becoming associated with a drag racing motorcycle effort called RockaTrain Racing.  We are half way through the 2013 season and I thought an update was in order.

Not much has changed since the end of last season.  Team owner and local musician Preacher (aka James Compton) is still off his meds and the bike is still prepped and ridden by Chris Chiesi (“He’s a baaaaad man”).   The big news is somehow Chris has convinced Preacher to the juice bike with the nitrous.  There will be more about that later.

Jeff Downer Bail Bonds sponsored drag bikeJeff Downer Bail Bonds Goes Racing

The Jeff Downer Bail Bonds sponsored ride is a 1992 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 based and uprated with a  1340cc motor, modified frame and all kinds of go fast goodies.   It’s old school but all the more fun for it.  It competes in NHDRO sanctioned street classes.

The team’s first outing was at Lucas Oil Raceway Park (Home of the NHRA nationals) on May17th-19th and thanks to a starter clutch issue was unable to compete in the Street Classes.

All was not entirely lost as the the team was able to compete in the Grudge Racing action on Saturday night.  That’s a pretty outrageous time   Straight up match racing with no rules as far as the bikes go and there can be some serious cash being wagered ($10,000 on one race) not to mention the trash talk.  The RockaTrain bike was able to make several runs all of them sub 10 second even with the new nitrous system not yet online.

The next round was again at Raceway Park the weekend of July 12th -14th.    This time around the results were much improved.  Chris was able to  dial in at 9.7 seconds for the 1/4 mile and reach the quarterfinals despite the nitrous system still experiencing issues remaining offline.  Then of course there was the Grudge racing which for me is the most fun.

Next up is the NHDRO Summer Celebration at Lucas Oil Raceway Park the weekend of August 16th-19th.  RockaTrain’s second GSX-R is still waiting for the completion of an engine rebuild but hopefully Preacher will still be competing on  his Suzuki SV650 alongside Chris.

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It’s All Fun and Games…

Jeff Downer  It’s all fun and games until the local wildlife shows up.  Another lesson in how truth is stranger than fiction

It seems a Virginia bail agent located a bond jumper in a parking lot resulting in the fugitive ramming the agent’s car and running into a nearby woods.  The agent followed whereupon the fugitive beat the tar out of him with a stick.

A police K-9 unit  arrived next on the scene and was promptly …wait…not yet…wait…here it comes…bitten by a rabid groundhog!  Bettcha didn’t see that one coming.

After having its handler shoot the demented rodent the undeterred K-9 unit relentlessly pursued its prey out onto Interstate 95 where the the fugitive was hit by a car.  Miraculously the fugitive survived playing on the freeway and was eventually booked into the local jail.

I don’t know about you, but my thinking here is that the only winner here was the dog and that’s only if his shots were up to date.  In any case I think there is a movie in this story.  Perhaps a tear jerker family film about tragedy striking gentle woodland creatures.  Call it something like Groundbi.  Maybe a horror flick would be better.  They could call that one: Groundhog Apocalypse:  They Can See Your Shadow!.

Via: WUSA9

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“Crazy Good” Sounds Right

Jeff Downer

A 13-year-old boy in Charlotte, N.C., has been arrested for allegedly stealing Pop Tarts — from his mother. – Huffington Post

I guess the Pop Tarts slogan of “Crazy Good” just about sums it up.   Times do change.  Growing up in my house we didn’t argue over who ate what at breakfast.  When Mom said: “Leggo of my Eggo” – we did.

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Have I Got a Bail Bond for You!

Jeff Downer  Here’s a great idea from the Lone Star State:

The Humane Society of Central Texas is hoping to offer a free week of kitten adoptions soon, called “Bail Bonds for Kittens” – KWKT Waco, TX

The idea is that you post “bail” for cats and kittens that can be adopted by those who can’t afford the adoption fees.  I’m a dog person so it sounds like a win-win for me.  I can help save the poor little things but I don’t have to bring one home.

The best part of all is the felines aren’t supposed to come back – for court or anything else.

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But it Was Just a Joke…

Jeff Downer  Like ABC’s Wide World of Sports I span the internet  looking stories about bail and bonding.   Things can be mighty different in other countries when it come the situations where bail is involved – such as the following tale from India.

Recently a court in India issued no bail warrants for the cast and crew of  the movie Taur Mittran Di.  It seems an attorney found the depiction of the Indian legal community in the film to be less than amusing and filed a complaint with a local court:

The counsel for complainant Harinder Singh Lali said “the lawyer fraternity was pained to see advocates being projected as laughing stock in the film”.

Furthermore, apparently there exist grounds under Indian law to pursue such a complaint:

He had prayed to take action against the erring actors u/s 499, 500 and 120B of the IPC for defaming the legal profession.

Oops.  Good thing that lawyer never saw …And Justice for All.

Now I have been known to tell lawyer jokes, especially to my dad.  My father was a judge for 22 years and not known for his sense of whimsy.  Any lawyer joke telling on my part would usually just result in muttering about changing the will.   I don’t believe he ever considered tossing me in jail and throwing away the key for having a little fun at his expense.  Then again, I was his only son.

P.S.   Still missing ya Dad.

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Betcha Can’t Steal Just One

Jeff Downer

Two Citra, Fla., siblings were arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft after police caught the pair with a van full of allegedly stolen Frito-Lay chips. – From Yahoo!/GMA

It seems that the Frito Banditos had brought along a hyperactive two year old who attracted some unwanted law enforcement attention.   This is why you do not use toddlers as a lookout.  Besides that they eat all the profits.

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Who’s Your Pal? Who’s Your Buddy?

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Heartthrob Arrested for Missed Court Date

Jeff Downer

Rick Springfield Arrested for Missed Court Date

-Rolling Stone

There is no truth to the rumor that Mr. Springfield was apprehended in a shopping mall after being cornered by a mob of screaming and fainting women of a certain age.

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