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It’s All Fun and Games…

Jeff Downer  It’s all fun and games until the local wildlife shows up.  Another lesson in how truth is stranger than fiction

It seems a Virginia bail agent located a bond jumper in a parking lot resulting in the fugitive ramming the agent’s car and running into a nearby woods.  The agent followed whereupon the fugitive beat the tar out of him with a stick.

A police K-9 unit  arrived next on the scene and was promptly …wait…not yet…wait…here it comes…bitten by a rabid groundhog!  Bettcha didn’t see that one coming.

After having its handler shoot the demented rodent the undeterred K-9 unit relentlessly pursued its prey out onto Interstate 95 where the the fugitive was hit by a car.  Miraculously the fugitive survived playing on the freeway and was eventually booked into the local jail.

I don’t know about you, but my thinking here is that the only winner here was the dog and that’s only if his shots were up to date.  In any case I think there is a movie in this story.  Perhaps a tear jerker family film about tragedy striking gentle woodland creatures.  Call it something like Groundbi.  Maybe a horror flick would be better.  They could call that one: Groundhog Apocalypse:  They Can See Your Shadow!.

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Who’s Your Pal? Who’s Your Buddy?

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A Salute to a Bondsman Who Charged into Harm’s Way

Jeff Downer   Gerald Madrid, a New Mexico bail bondsman, was playing the flute during morning mass at St. Jude Thaddeus, a Catholic church in Northwest Albuquerque, when a man entered the church and began attacking the choir director with a knife.

Mr. Madrid immediately leapt to the defense of the director and was seriously injured while successfully protecting him.  He tells his story in this CNN interview.

Well done Mr. Madrid.  Your actions make the bail bond community proud.  Godspeed on your recovery.

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How to Become a Bail Bondsman

Jeff Downer   As a licensed Indiana bail agent I have received so many inquiries from people curious about the process of becoming a bail bondsman that I decided to provide a primer on how to go about it.

The first thing to know is that bail bondsmen in almost every state are regulated (usually by that state’s department of insurance) and exact requirements for securing a bail bondsman’s license will vary from state to state.  In this instance we are dealing only with Indiana’s licensing requirements.

Per the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI), obtaining an Indiana bail agent license requires a completed application form and the following

All applications must include:

  1. A recent digital full face photograph and your signature on the specimen sheet to be included on your license.  If you prefer, pictures can be taken in our office by appointment only.
  2. Certified fingerprint card from local law enforcement, or a receipt from L-1 Identify Solutions showing that you have been fingerprinted.
  3. Recent Credit Bureau Report (Free):
  4. Criminal History Check completed by Indiana State Police.
  5. Photo copies of other Professional Licenses that you hold.
  6. Application fee of $650 (check or money order).
  7. Completion Certificate for 12 credit hours of Pre-Licensing Education.
  8. Passing test results.

In addition there is is a testing fee.

After these requirements are met (assuming no disqualifying conditions exist) and a contract with a licensed surety insurance provider is secured, the bail agent license will be issued.

Once a licensed is awarded it must be renewed every two years by completing continuing education requirements and paying a $650 renewal fee.

Here is the link to contact the IDOI for application forms and further information.

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Who Needs a Bail Bondsman?

Jeff Downer  Just because someone has been arrested does not mean a bail bondsman will be required to post bail.   Defendants may be released to await trial by a variety of means.  The terms and conditions of pretrial release is set by the court.

The form of pretrial release the court may choose from is as follows:

  • Own Recognizance (OR) – An OR release doe not require the posting of any type of bond.  The defendant is released on only on their promise to appear.
  • Cash Bond – The court sets an amount and requires the entire amount of the bond to be deposited directly with the court.
  • Ten Percent Deposit Bond – The court sets a bond amount and ten percent of that amount is deposited directly with with the court.
  • Surety Bond – Also known as commercial bail, the court sets a bond amount which may be posted by a bail bondsman.  The bondsman charges a fee of ten percent of the total bond amount to post the bond.

When seeking to post a a bond, a bail bondsman is only necessary when the court has specified surety or commercial bail.

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What Is a Bounty Hunter?

Jeff Downer  When a person fails to appear for a court appearance, the court will issue a warrant and an order to produce the defendant for the bail bondsman.  In such situations the bail bondsman may employ what is commonly referred to as a “Bounty Hunter” to apprehend the fugitive defendant.

What is a bounty hunter?  It is a question that in the recent past the answer to has become distorted and obscured by “reality” television, self appointed unlicensed bounty hunters and the popular media.

The term bounty hunter refers to what in the bail bond industry are called fugitive recovery agents.  Here in Indiana (as in most states) recovery agents are licensed by the state after meeting professional education requirements and once licensed must participate in continuing education.

Under the direction of the bonding company, recovery agent will engage in locating and apprehending the fugitive.

The over the top dramatics and unprofessional demeanor that are aired on reality television and portrayed in the popular media is not is to be expected from Jeff Downer Bail Bonds.  Such shows and publications focus on the volatile personalities involved as opposed to the of professional and responsible minded efforts of most recovery agents.  In any case, Jeff Downer Bail Bonds would never consider breaching confidentiality by broadcasting our client related relationships and activities on television.

More information about the state of Indiana’s recovery agent licensing requirements may be found here.


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