How Bail Is Determined

Jeff Downer  The question of how bail is determined comes up often.  The short answer is the amount, type and conditions of bail are set by the court.  Bail is initially set when the court issues a warrant or when the the defendant is processed into custody on an outright arrest by law enforcement.

The vast majority of arrests are of the outright variety and are set according to local court rules.  During the booking process intake personnel will apply a bond schedule or calculate a bail per the criteria provided by the court.  How bail is determined will vary from county to county and can be quite diverse.

If the defendant does not immediately post bail, the issue of bail can be readdressed during the defendant’s initial hearing or later on in a bail review proceeding.   Such occasions allow for the consideration directly by the court of information and factors not available at the initial bail determination.

Throughout the bail determination process the key considerations center on charge severity, risks of fleeing and concern for public safety.

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Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

Jeff Downer  A New Hampshire woman was arrested four times in a 26 hour period for playing AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” at full volume.  Who kept bonding her out – Malcolm and Angus Young?

I’m thinking maybe “Jail Break” would’ve been more appropriate.  Anyway,  “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)”.  Somebody make me stop.  Please.    Find the details in this NBC News.

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RockaTrain Racing Makes Competition Debut


Jeff Downer Bail Bonds Sponsored  Race Bike

Call Jeff for fast service.

Jeff Downer   RockaTrain Racing (sponsored by Jeff Downer Bail Bonds) made their initial venture into motorcycle drag racing with a promising debut.  The initial plunge took place at the Bunker Hill drag strip.

Here is team principle James Compton’s (aka Preacher) description of the evening’s events:  “It was pretty cool. We went up there to get some track time and ended up makin’ it out of qualifying and to the quarter finals. That bike is old school considering we were runnin’ against fuel injected nitro Busas. We got a few of them that night. Our rider was shiftin’ gears too due to our air shifter not workin’ quite right and we don’t have the nitro on it yet either. Ended up with a 6.22 in the eighth mile at the end of the night.”.

Our hats off the RockaTrain guys and gals.   It’s been a lot of fun being involved.  Stay tuned for updates on RockaTrain Racing’s further adventures.

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Jeff Downer Bail Bonds Sponsored Event on

Jeff Downer  Indianapolis based music group Angel and the Preacher recently held a motorcycle and calender girl photo shoot function.  Jeff Downer Bail Bonds was proud to be the featured sponsor.  The event was held at Bert and Den’s and was featured on the website.  Check out all the fun here in this video.

Jeff Downer Bail Bonds sponsored event

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RockaTrain Race Team Concludes Successful Test


Jeff Downer  As the proud sponsor of the RockaTrain Racing Team, we are happy to report the successful test session with one of the Suzuki drag bikes at the Muncie Dragway.  Sub 10 second runs were recorded and most importantly: no boo boos.

Congratulations to the team.  We will be keeping everybody up to date about future events.

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Oops! My Bad

Call 911 imageI said call the “Bong Squad”, not the “Bomb Squad”.

Orange County Register News bomb scare article:  Read Here

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Some Humor from the Indianapolis Star

Jeff Downer  A little local drought humor from Indianapolis Star cartoonist Gary Varvel.


Indianapolis Star cartoon by Gary Varvel

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XC Bail Bonds

Jeff Downer  A XC bond is a type of split bond utilized by the Marion County Indiana Superior Court system.  The XC bond is a hybrid composed of two distinct bail bond types:  surety and cash.

The surety portion of the XC bond is posted by a bail bondsman.  The bondsman charges 10% of the amount of the surety bond set by the court.  The cash bond portion posted is the entire amount as set by the court.

The nomenclature used in specifying how much a XC bond is confusing at best.  For example let’s look at a $11000 XC bond set by the court.  Most of of us would think the bond amount is $11,000 and the cost of posting the bond is $1,100.  We would be wrong.  What the court has ordered is a split bond of $1,000 cash and $10,000 surety (requiring a$1,000 payment to a bail bondsman) making the total cost $2,000.

The cash bond portion of the XC bond may be posted by anyone and must be paid tandem with the surety bond portion.

Even if the defendant attends all court appearances, The Marion County Superior courts usually retain all or a part of the cash bond for costs and/or fees related to the case.  Any remaining part of the cash bond deposit may then be refunded.   The premium paid to the bail bondsman, by law, may not refunded.

Both portions of the XC bond must be posted together at the same time and location, usually at the Arrestee Processing Center (APC).

As always if you have any questions please contact us.  Find below a map showing the location of the APC and the ability to produce printable directions.  Simply click on the red marker and input you starting location for the directions.


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Robbery 101

Police chase  Jeff Downer There are certain immutable laws of the universe: gravity, thermodynamics and leaving the getaway car running.

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Jeff Downer Bail Bonds Is Going Racing

Jeff Downer Bail Bonds sponsored race bike Jeff Downer  Jeff Downer Bail Bonds is announcing an association with the Angel and the Preacher Racing Team.  The team is an ill advised new venture into motorcycle drag racing by  Angel and the Preacher, local  Indianapolis musicians best known for their great music and poor decision making skills.


While I usually don’t acknowledge knowing Preacher (let alone admit to being friends with him), I have agreed to to accept Preacher’s kind offer to be included in their racing efforts called RockaTrain Racing.  I cannot fully explain this other than my love of fast things and yet another instance of bad judgement.

Team updates will be forthcoming and include competition results and pictures.

P.S. Drop Preacher a line and suggest that racing the bikes in a Speedo probably would not be in his best interests.  Thanks.

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