About Jeff Downer Bail Bonds

Hello and Welcome to Jeff Downer Bail Bonds (JDBB).  I’m Jeff Downer.  I established JDBB in 1997.  Prior to that I worked for the Marion County (IN) Courts and the Marion County Justice Agency for 12 years in a variety of pretrial release roles including Conditional Release Officer, Jail Ombudsman and Bail Commissioner Supervisor.  I am also the proprietor of Indiana Surety Bond Services, a commercial and civil court bond provider.

Look, a bail bond is a generic thing.  The reason for selecting a particular bail bondsman is in the service.  We get that.  You have questions. You want to know your  options.  You require confidence in your course of action.  You need a bail bondsman with the experience, tools, technology and resources to help you through this difficult and trying time.  That’s what JDBB is all about.

Check out bail bond advertising and you will find frivolous claims like “the lowest rates allowed by law” and “being closest to the jail”.  The facts are that that charging any more or any less than 10% of the bail bond in Indiana is not only illegal – it ‘s a felony.

As far as being close to the jail, that’s more of a convenience for the bail bondsman than the client.  Near or far, what’s important is where you are – not the jail.  Are you reaching out from a long distance?  Well, we’re prepared for for that with our fax and online resources.   Need the bondsman to come to you?  Hey, we offer mobile bail bond service.

You are facing serious  issues.  At JDBB we take these issues seriously and will be there – wherever, whenever and however  you need us.

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