Oh Boy! More Bail Bond Related Reality TV News

Jeff Downer  One of my daily routines is to search Google for news items regarding bail and its role in the criminal justice system.  While searching for items of interest I discovered that the concept of bail in reality television is making headlines once more.

It seems that Real Housewives  of New Jersey cast members Teresa and Joe Giudice had been arrested on fraud and tax charges and had been released on $500,000 bail bonds apiece.  The story was being reported by several news sources including: UPI, US Weekly, the Los Angeles Times and of course Perez Hilton (Note to the Google search team – this is not what I am looking for when I use the search term “bail bonds”.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.).

Being weak minded, seeing all these articles immediately made me put on my reality television producer hat and start brainstorming about a blockbuster crossover reality TV extravaganza in which the Giudices go on  the lam.  Of course  Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth track them down in a must see TV event that would make me proud to be an American.  The actual take down occurs at a mall where coincidently Beth encounters Teresa while shopping at a Macy’s cosmetics counter while simultaneously Dog bumps into Joe at the Sunglass Hut.

Another thing, these articles use the the term reality TV “stars”.  If these show depict real life then how come I don’t feel like a star too?  Do you feel like a star?  I know I’m certainly not treated like one.  Oh well, if you catch me wearing nothing but a leather vest and sporting hair braids please shoot me.


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