Where to Post a Marion County Cash Bond

Jeff Downer  In Marion County, IN bail bonds are often required by the courts to be of the cash variety.  Cash bonds are commonly referred to as CS bonds and are paid directly to the court clerk.  The cash bond may be posted as a stand alone bond or as part of a split bond (known as XC or XR bonds) in conjunction with a surety bail bond posted by a bail bondsman.

The question then arises of where these cash bonds can be posted.  There are two locations where cash bonds are accepted.  These locations are the City-County Building in Room T-644 or at the Arrestee Processing Center (APC) at 752 East Market Street.

The City-County Building location is open week days during normal business hours while the APC court clerks is available on a 24/7 basis.  For accessibility and parking reasons I would suggest posting a cash bond at the APC.

Click here for phone numbers and directions for the court clerks office and the APC.


Jeff Downer

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